Virginia Grocery Delivery

In today's hectic world, time-consuming trips to the grocery store are becoming a thing of the past. Instead of getting in the car, driving, moving aisle to aisle, loading the car, and driving back, many people are instead opting to utilize delivery services. You might think grocery delivery services in Virginia are only in major cities like Richmond and Washington, D.C., but grocery delivery services actually are offered in a slew of Virginia cities and towns including Falls Church, Occoquan, Bristow, Ashburn, and Dumfries.

Some specific grocery stores, in an effort to compete with large delivery companies, also offer a delivery option. Safeway is one such store. While delivery is limited to fewer zip codes, it does allow you as the shopper to more closely duplicate your experience within a specific store. Safeway, for example, delivers to Alexandria, Fort Meyer, Arlington, and Washington, D.C. It offers a promotional offer of first delivery free. Online only offers further savings. If you place an emphasis on fresh and local foods, Relay Foods has a delivery service that might be right for you. Relay offers services in Charlottesville, Williamsburg, NOVA/D.C., Baltimore/Annapolis (in Maryland), and Richmond. Relay offers spot location pickups as well as home delivery, and food comes from both grocery stores and local producers, meaning you can combine your grocery trips and farmer’s market runs into one easy pickup. These are just a few of the delivery option in Virginia. Specialty services exist for cooked-on-demand meals, meat deliveries, and fresh foods. Organic food companies also deliver. For example, Eat Wild delivers pastured meats, including beef and turkey, in many areas of Virginia, and Heartland Home Foods delivers all-natural and organic foods. Specialty categories allow you a wider range of selections within a specific category.