Illinois Grocery Delivery

Online grocery delivery is something many assume to be a luxury they cannot afford, or a service unavailable in their area. Though recently with farm developments, direct delivery is becoming accessible to an array of customers in both rural and metropolitan areas. In Illinois, many online stores like Peapod have expanded their services to the Chicago area, and local farms have begun providing delivery services across numerous cities throughout the state through cooperative sites. Listed below are a few services that provide home delivery across the state of Illinois.

Each store provides customers with a variety of “box” selections, and can ship weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries according to the consumers’ choice. Pricing is reasonable when compared to produce bought from the store, with boxes ranging anywhere from $25-$35 for a small box, and up to $50-$60 for a large or family-sized order. Provide your zip code to determine if a provider delivers to your area, and before you know it, you’ll have fresh grown produce gracing your dinner table in no time, all delivered straight to your front door.