Pennsylvania Grocery Delivery

In many national markets, well recognized grocery store chains are known to provide grocery deliver options for those in urban areas. However, local grocery delivery services appear to dominate the Pennsylvania grocery delivery market. These small businesses provide grocery delivery services for urban professionals who are too busy to do their own shopping, seniors who do not get around as well as they did when they were younger, and those who have limited transportation options. Because there is a moderate to high demand for the service in many of Pennsylvania's cities and the barrier to entry is fairly low, many small grocery deliver service businesses are quickly establishing client lists.

Peapod is a nationally recognized grocery delivery service provider that features online orders, flexible delivery schedules, and numerous promotions for those living in Philadelphia and Southeast Pennsylvania. They provide national brands of produce, seafood, meats, and organic foods; Peapod delivers items to customers’ homes or offices. Schwans is a nationally recognized specialty food delivery service with a reputation for quality and great service. Unlike the streamlined services of other delivery operations that utilize shipping services like FedEx and UPS in their logistics models, Schwans provides personalized delivery service with their own trucks for Pennsylvania customers in cities like Harrisburg. Pennsylvania cities like Philadelphia are becoming more cosmopolitan as its population welcomes immigrants from around the world. This new population has spawned the demand for more ethnic grocery delivery services, like Asian Food Grocer and MexGrocer.