is a project dedicated to researching and collecting all of the grocery delivery companies in the United States (we’re starting in the US and will attempt the world later). As eaters of groceries with pretty busy lives, we’ve seen the need for more delivery services for a long time. Finally different delivery companies have started to pop up in cities all over the US, which is very exciting for us.

Why We Started This Project.

We heard by word-of-mouth about our delivery company that currently only delivers local, organic produce, but we really enjoy getting that box of fruits and veggies each and every week (we’ll withhold the name because we really want this to be an unbiased resource). The only problem for us – we enjoy meat and wanted other goods and services delivered as well! We did a lot of research and had a hard time finding different companies in our area we lived at the time (Kansas City metro area).

So we thought: “Why not build a website that has every delivery company in the United States, so people can just go to ONE place to compare?”. That is where started. Over time as the site was getting more traffic, we decided to purchase, which is where you are now!

There Isn’t A Website For This Already?

Well, there are other websites out there that include a database of ALL delivery services, but we only want to house GROCERY delivery services. We like Chinese food and even a pizza every now and then, but we do not want Chinese or pizza delivery services lumped in with results when we are trying to find grocery delivery services!

Have Feedback? Let Us Know!

We started this project in 2013, so in the big scheme of things we’re pretty new. But feel free to contact us if you have any feedback on our project (just remember it is a work in progress!). Twitter: